Dead Effect

1.2.2 for Android



Gunfire, zombies and blood in space


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Dead Effect is a first person shooter set in a huge space ship. In it, players have to confront an outbreak of a disease that has turned the entire crew (not exactly a small one) into zombies, hell bent on tearing your guts out.

The game is divided up into several interconnected levels, which make up a campaign that lasts nearly five hours. Throughout the campaign, players must deal with lots of different zombies, from giants to those with special powers.

Luckily, your hero can call upon a huge arsenal that can be improved as you earn money. You can buy and upgrade hand guns, machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and even bows and arrows. All the weapons have a futuristic design that fit in perfectly with the game setting.

Dead Effect is a first-person action game whose gameplay has been perfectly adapted to touch screens; and which has some outstanding graphics (reminiscent of Dead Trigger) and a perfect length. It also has a very, very entertaining single player campaign.